Listed below you will find a few of the products we trust and recommend
with our Bengal Cats.  Just like people, not all cats like the same things & when
it comes to that, you need to be flexible.  We do not endorse products that we do
not use.

When it comes to keeping our pets healthy, we use NuVet products.  We've
found that their shampoos and odor & stain removal products are the best on the
market today.  For extra nutrition and vitamins in our Bengals, we use
NuVet Plus
.  We use their products on both our Bengals and our German Shepherd,
Sky.  We are very excited about the results we have seen in our own pets with these
products.  Use their
Auto Ship program and never run out!

NuVet has excellent products that include everything from vitamins to
shampoos for your pet.  Whether it is a cat or a dog, the nutrition in most of todays
foods are not enough to maintain and improve your pets health.  NuVet has put         
together some fantastic natural products that can be the main tools you use to
prolong the life of your pet.  Just a few of the improvements NuVet products can help
with are:

* Allergies
* Skin and Coat Problems
* Scratching, Itching, Biting
* Hot Spots
* Arthritis and Joint Problems
* Premature Aging
* Low Energy Levels
* Diabetes and Liver Problems
* Cataracts and Tumors
* Digestive Problems
* Tearing
* Heart Disease

**Saving JUST ONE major trip to the vet could pay more than a lifetime supply
of NuVet Plus®

NOTE: This product is NOT available to the general public without an Order
Code supplied by your Pet Professional.
To order online:  
To order by phone, call NuVet at:  800-474-7044 and use Order ID Code: 96288
Products we use and recommend