This page is dedicated to a little bit of information on both
bengals as a breed and some tips for bringing your new kitten
Our beautiful bengal cats are a hybrid cat.  They come from a
cross breeding of a wild Asian leopard and a domestic cat.  After
the 4th generation, the Bengal cat is a wonderful pet.  This cross
produces the wild looks that many pet owners are looking for,
with the wonderful, playful personality of a domestic cat.

Bengal cats are very smart and can be taught with a little time
and effort many things, including these:
  • How to walk on a leash
  • Fetch
  • Sit on command
Many also love water and often will jump in the shower or tub
with their owners.  Playing in water bowls is a fun past-time for

Fresh drinking water daily is a must for a bengal.  A clean litter
box is also essential.  Cats are very clean animals and a dirty
litter box is not only asking for disease, it is also a sure way to
get your cat started eliminating in inappropriate places like on
your carpeting.

Our bengals are all litter box trained by the time they go to their
new forever homes, most are trained by the time they are 4
weeks old.  The best way to keep your new kitten using the litter
box when they get home with you is NOT to take them home and
let them have the run of your house.

Confining a kitten to a small room with his/her litter box, food,
water and a few toys for at least a week is the best way to teach
your kitten where the litter box is and it also helps them to feel
secure in a new environment.   Make sure there are no cords or
other dangerous items your kitten can chew on.  They are similar
to puppies when it comes to chewing and not only can they ruin
expensive items, it can also be dangerous to their health and
well-being.  If you have other pets, it also keeps your kitten safe
until a proper introduction can be made.

Feel free to allow your kitten out of the confinement and into
other rooms of your home when they can be supervised by you.  
This makes a wonderful time for play and bonding.  Just
remember to return them to their special room when you can't be
watching them, or you can expect to clean up a mess - which will
not be their fault.   Once urine soaks into a floor, cats can smell
that no matter what sort of cleaner you use and any other pets
you have will also tend to mark that area.  The best bad habits are
the ones you never let get started.

This is a good article on why a clean litter box is so important:
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